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Dedicated to providing a safe, responsive and inclusive service to support families.

We know that supporting families in complex situations is not easy. Family Access Services offers a team of trusted professionals who understand the needs of children and families, offering a non-judgemental, inclusive service that empowers families to have positive experiences together.

Family Access Services works with families in the Perth Metropolitan area and across the Wheatbelt area in Western Australia, as well as on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Our flexible delivery model allows us to work in other regions as required – just speak to us regarding your specific requirements.

Our Services

Child Transport Services | Family Access Services

Supervised Child Access

Child Transport Services | Family Access Services

Foster Carer Respite

Child Transport Services | Family Access Services

Change-Over Service

Child Transport Services | Family Access Services

Child Transport Service

Child Transport Services | Family Access Services

Customised Child Access Services

Child Transport Services | Family Access Services

About Our Supervised Child Access Services

When parents are separated, and support is needed to facilitate visits with the parent whom the child does not live with, Family Access Services provides a professional, non- judgemental supervised child access service.

The Family Access Services team provide a service that combines empathy and professionalism. Our experience shows us that when parents are fully engaged in the process, the child (and the family) benefits immensely – our service is structured to ensure this level of participation from parents.

As an outreach service, we work with families to plan for a positive meeting between parents and their children, before facilitating meetings in community locations (such as playgrounds) and, when appropriate, the parent’s home.

Our highly capable team are able to work with complex and high-risk cases, including those involving domestic violence, with confidence and sensitivity. In addition to providing supervised access, our team provides impartial and factual case notes.

Child Transport Services | Family Access Services

About Our Foster Carer Respite Service

Foster carers are vital in child protection situations and taking care of the carers is important too. Our Foster Carer Respite Service supports foster carers by allowing them time alone to rest and recharge after the intense demands of their role.

Family Access Services offers an in-home respite service for children in foster situations, meaning that children have the security of a consistent respite carer in the familiarity of their own home, whilst allowing carers an important break.

Alternative respite options include weekends away or respite care in a contingency house. Carers might like to take advantage of our respite service for a variety of reasons. It might just be for a few hours a week to allow them undisrupted time to complete errands such as shopping, or to spend some much-needed time with their partner. Carers may also need extra support during more intense periods, such as school holidays.

One of the main needs identified by foster carers is respite from caring. Every year, approximately 14% of foster carers are forced to cease performing their caring roles, for various reasons, but often due to a lack of support. Family Access Services is committed to providing a stopgap for foster families in need of support.

Child Transport Services | Family Access Services

About Our Change-Over Service

In situations where there is serious conflict between separated parents, child access visits can be confronting for children and the family. Our Change-Over Service offers a neutral party to collect and return children for access visits and supervised access visits, avoiding unhelpful conflict between parents.

Child Transport Services | Family Access Services

About Our Child Transport Service

When a child needs to move locations and their family is unable to undertake this, having access to a trusted transport option is critical. At Family Access Services, we offer a safe and reliable Child Transport Service. Our late-model, well maintained vehicles are used by our experienced staff to transport children across the state. We are also able to escort children on flights.

Our service offers the benefit of safe, comfortable transport with a responsible adult who understands the needs of children and is confident in creating a warm environment to allow the child to experience the journey in a positive way.

Child Transport Services | Family Access Services

About Our Customised Child Access Services

If your organisation requires a specific child access related service outside of our standard services, we provide customised solutions. We work with clients to design specialised services that meet the requirements of unique situations to allow children and families to be supported to best effect.

Who can access our services?

We are able to work with a range of organisations, businesses and individuals. If you’re unsure if we are right for your needs, please get in contact to discuss your options. We regularly work with:

  • government agencies;
  • lawyers acting on behalf of clients; and
  • directly with families.

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Family Access Services

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